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Banking, insurance and debt collection

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The accelerating digitisation of banking and insurance services has changed the relationship between these organisations and their customers, along with the concept of service. Today, customer service is rarely provided by local agencies. Digital interactions are prioritised: we are witnessing the digitisation of the customer space as a forum for communication between the brand and its customers.

Under these conditions, how can you ensure a quality service as promised, how can you ensure an excellent customer experience, featuring a rapid response, flexible solutions, round-the-clock availability and good-natured service?

Our approach

As an external contact centre, iKanbi provides support for tasks involving information, managing and selling banking and insurance products, proactive or reactive customer retention, customer loyalty and sales. The following are examples of services provided by iKanbi:

healthcare coverage

establishing a hotline

help desk

contract changes

debt collection

With its FSMA certification, iKanbi is registered as an “ancillary insurance intermediary” under the registration number 0445.248.212-44702.
When it comes to your customer strategy, partnering with iKanbi guarantees better remote customer relationship management.

Our employees

Our methodical customer advisers complete training on the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and are FSMA certified. They are required to pass an exam to prove their professional knowledge.

When it comes to healthcare, their knowledge of various pathologies enables them to focus on the administrative data which needs to be collected and the relevant information relating to patients’ condition.

In terms of debt collection, our advisers are trained in the specific procedures for negotiations and transactions.

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Our solutions

Our audiovisual kiosks enable us to establish a close link between the adviser and the customer, replacing physical contact in a branch.

We provide different technological solutions, tailored to your environment.

One of our approaches involves providing a solution for the smart routing of interactions, depending on the medium used (calls, email, chat, etc.). We use your tools to identify and monitor your end customers’ requests (CRM).

Another approach involves synchronising the routing environments of beneficiary and service provider interactions. The interconnection and virtualisation of the two platforms guarantee optimisation for both internal and external teams and ensure a quality customer experience.

Our AI applications (chatbots, voicebots) enable you to adapt and customise the way your customers interact with your brand. Semantic analysis is combined with an automated assessment of advisers’ knowledge and attitudes, based on predefined criteria. They identify the processes to be streamlined, create opportunities to reduce costs and focus on the Voice of the Customer. They therefore contribute to a constant improvement in quality and the customer experience.

The advantages for you:

An excellent customer experience and customer satisfaction, provided quickly by our caring and professional teams which offer round-the-clock availability

Your centres and your teams are relieved of this burden: we take care of temporary backlogs during extreme weather events such as storms, floods, earthquakes and more or during one-off events such as IT breakdowns, massive invoicing, staff training or banking crises.

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