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To respond to consumers’ needs and requirements, the telecommunications sector must be agile, flexible and focused on performance. This sector, which is particularly competitive, must always be at the cutting edge of technology. Mastering the digital aspect of communications and constantly innovating to promote and diversify products and services are major challenges when it comes to winning over and retaining new customers.

Our approach

iKanbi is here to win over and retain customers on your behalf. Whatever the channel chosen by the customer, iKanbi supports you throughout the process

Receiving and making calls


Social interactions


Back office tasks

When it comes to managing more complex cases, our “tranverse” customer advisers have a 360° view. This precise yet comprehensive view helps them to find effective solutions to your customers’ technical and/or administrative concerns.

Our employees

Our customer advisers use digital channels for communications which meet your customers’ expectations and comply with a specific behavioural charter for remote customer relations.

As far as is possible, our advisers work in roles which reflect their skills and their interests. They then receive training on new areas of business, completing their initial training, and can provide customers with a comprehensive service.

Our advisers have developed an ability to create a link with your customers and can translate their words into needs, products or services. They ensure ultimate customer satisfaction and do their utmost to guarantee that the conversation ends with a “thank you”.

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Our solutions

Two technological approaches have been developed by iKanbi.

The first involves separating the interaction from the data. In this case, iKanbi provides the customer with the technological solution to route interactions (calls, emails, chat, etc.) and uses the customer’s tools to identify and monitor end-customer requests (CRM).

The second model involves synchronising the routing environments of beneficiary and service provider interactions. With this operational mode, the customer investing in this solution ensures that his or her interactions are always prioritised. The interconnection and virtualisation of the two platforms guarantee optimisation for both internal and external teams.

As part of the constant search for continuous improvement of the customer experience, Semantic Voice Analysis is an ideal tool. The transcription of conversations, along with a semantic analysis of verbatim customer records, makes it possible to identify the processes to be streamlined and improve the CES (Customer Effort Score) indicator

The use of this technology, in addition to the customer experience, creates opportunities to reduce costs by identifying the causes of repetitive interactions. This technology makes it possible to automatically assess advisers’ knowledge and attitudes, based on predefined criteria. This tool is therefore useful both for the beneficiary and the service provider.

The advantages for you:

Increased customer satisfaction: we strengthen the link to your brand;

Reduced costs through the detection and elimination of repetitive interactions;

Better retention thanks to a transverse approach;

Rapid response to dissatisfied customers.

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