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Customer services

“iKanbi, the live transformation of your customer experience”

By definition, after-sales service or customer service consists of all the services provided before, during or after a service or a purchase is made by a customer.

As a Contact Center, iKanbi’s services can include support for the sale of your brand’s products or services, administrative support, technical support, customer retention and loyalty, complaint management, satisfaction surveys and more.

We operate in a fully dedicated or shared environment, depending on your preference.

We integrate your CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) solution into our technological environment. Our customer advisers have a software platform for quick access to your customers’ account information. In this way, they can provide a customised experience in real time, whatever the channel: voice, web, social media and more.

An omni-channel approach and a 360° view to ensure that your customers feel that they’re receiving the best service!

An omni-channel approach provides our customer advisers with a history of all interactions, whatever the channel used. The 360° view ensures that your customers’ information is centralised and standardised. In this way, redundancy with this kind of request can be avoided. With an omni-channel customer approach and a 360° overview, we ensure that your brand meets your customers’ demanding requirements.

Sector Retail, Telecommunications 

In recent years, the retail sector has faced increased competition and increasingly demanding consumers with regard to the digital shopping experience. The conclusion is clear: it is no longer enough for brands to rely solely on their physical presence.

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