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Assistance and mobility

“ Agility, flexibility and a focus on people are at the heart of assistance ”


Today, the mobility and assistance sector faces many challenges: cars which are increasingly environmentally friendly, hyper-connected or even completely driverless, natural disasters, the management of multiple health insurance contracts and more. In these changing times, iKanbi’s role is to support you to provide assistance to people and their vehicles.

Our approach

Are you struggling to cope with demand to book appointments? Are the holidays fast approaching? Is the manufacturer of your brand recalling a series of cars?

Assisting your customers in the event of accidents or other issues (theft, storms), making health insurance claims, scheduling appointments in garages, managing your fleet (cars, mopeds, electric scooters), organising car sharing and adopting a proactive or reactive approach to retention: these are just some of the services which iKanbi can provide on your behalf, whether your customers are individuals or companies. Our advisers provide your customers with a comprehensive service, from receiving the request to implementing solutions to resolve the issue.

Our flexibility enables us to manage any backlogs or bottlenecks in your services while carrying out day-to-day tasks to help your customers. Our agility and organisational model strengthen the existing teams. Our agents’ knowledge is regularly assessed via e-learning and coaching. In this way, our customer advisers are directly operational and can respond to your customers during these specific periods. Whether working in a fully dedicated or shared environment, our agents are always ready to support your customers.

Our employees

To be able to communicate with someone who is panicking after an accident or another issue, our customer advisers must be able to structure information while being genuinely empathetic. Our calm, professional customer advisers put your customers at ease, encouraging them to provide the specific information required.

Our staff are hired based on strict criteria in terms of their skills and their interests. For example, vehicle assistance is provided by a team of automotive enthusiasts. With their specialist knowledge, they can provide guidance with regard to the type of appointment (whether the issue is mechanical, electrical or related to bodywork), estimate the duration of the work in the event of a breakdown and more. These automotive enthusiasts analyse breakdowns and contact your various departments in a flash!

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Our solutions

Two technological approaches have been developed by iKanbi.

The first involves separating the interaction from the data. In this case, iKanbi provides the customer with the technological solution to route interactions (calls, emails, chat, etc.) and uses the customer’s tools to identify and monitor end-customer requests (CRM).

The second model involves synchronising the routing environments of beneficiary and service provider interactions. With this operational mode, the customer investing in this solution ensures that his or her interactions are always prioritised. The interconnection and virtualisation of the two platforms guarantee optimisation for both internal and external teams.

The advantages for you:

Increased customer satisfaction: your customers are reassured by a truly comprehensive service and we strengthen their link to your brand.

Your centres and your teams are relieved of this burden: we take care of temporary backlogs during one-off events such as massive invoicing, staff training or in the event of natural disasters.

Guaranteed quality when handling interactions and a significant improvement in response times.

Scalable staff for optimised costs

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