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Over the last ten years, the health sector has undergone a major transformation. Centralisation and outsourcing of appointment scheduling, digitisation of processes, remote patient support, monitoring of high-risk contacts: these are just a few examples of this change.

Companies distributing medical and paramedical equipment, pharmaceutical products and healthcare insurance, blood sampling and medical analysis laboratories and hospitals are increasingly connected as we enter an era of eHealth.

Our approach

To help you, iKanbi’s outsourcing service provides a flexible and modular approach: consultancy, technological solutions, crisis management, information services, order taking, remote secretarial work and back office services for patients and the public

For example, we work closely with certain public bodies including AVIQ (Agence pour une Vie de Qualité) for Covid-19 contract tracing and Vaccination’s call-center, medical practices and laboratories and some health insurance companies.

Our employees

We ensure strict compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to guarantee the privacy of the public and patients.

Our customer advisers have completed training on the GDPR, are empathetic and usually have experience in the medical sector (nurses, care assistants, etc.) or in social services (educators, ambulance workers, nurses, social workers, medical secretaries, etc.).

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Our solutions

Our technologies integrate securely with our customers’ infrastructure and software to ensure efficient contact.

Among other services, we offer automated management of appointment scheduling and online diary sharing. Visit our Télésecrétariat site:

The advantages for you:

A rapid response to changed circumstances: the ability to rapidly increase staff numbers, quickly provide training, adapt spaces and set up remote working, depending on the situation.

Patients and the public are reassured by the information we give them and are given guidance to help them to follow procedures. Your teams no longer have to focus on these tasks and can concentrate on helping and caring for people.

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