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“We are by your side, helping you to transform, outsource and/or digitise your customer strategy.”

1. Analysis & Consultancy

iKanbi is the ideal partner to transform, outsource and digitise your customer strategy.

With our customer focus, we identify your needs and work to find the best strategy and operational model for your customer service. We are then able to suggest areas for improvement and tangible solutions, which may relate to:

Delegating or automating all or part of your processes;

Adapting your requirements in terms of resources;

Developing your retention and acquisition policies;

Increasing your revenue;

Implementing digital solutions;

Outsourcing technological solutions; and more.

2. BPO: Business Process Outsourcing

“iKanbi, the live transformation of your customer experience”

“We offer a wide range of solutions, from total or partial outsourcing of customer relations to the implementation of digital technologies or processes, whatever the brand or the industry for which our customers request our support.”

Etienne – Strategy and Transformation, iKanbi
Personal support and assistance

Handling calls and requests for assistance from people who are stressed, panicking or in an emergency requires our customers’ full confidence.

Customer services

By definition, after-sales service or customer service consists of all the services provided before, during or after a service or a purchase is made by a customer. iKanbi’s services can include support for the sale of your brand’s products or services, administrative support, technical support, customer retention and loyalty, complaint management, satisfaction surveys and more.

Debt collection

Do your customers fail to pay their invoices by the due date? Do calls go unanswered? Is your internal debt collection department overwhelmed?

Are you a debt collection agency working on behalf of a company or a bailiff’s office? This is going to interest you!

Crisis management

How can you manage your crisis communications in the event of an epidemic, a fire, a corporate restructure, a backlog following a campaign, pollution or an accident? And, above all, how can you deal with incoming calls and messages if you are dealing with a crisis? iKanbi’s contact centre is here to manage your crisis.

Back Office service

How to respond to more complex customer requests?

Some interactions may require more in-depth analysis of the customer’s request. To address this, iKanbi can provide a Back Office service with a team of experts in the field. They monitor these very occasional requests.

3. Innovations and Technologies

Welcome to the world of iKanbi Technologies, where innovation and excellence converge to redefine your customer approach.

Working with iKanbi is an investment in a collaboration where technology and human expertise blend harmoniously. We are not just service providers; we are your dedicated partner for optimizing your processes and developing customized solutions to transform your customer experience, strengthen customer loyalty, and give your business a sustainable competitive advantage.

Explore our cutting-edge technologies, from VOIP telephony to artificial intelligence, and discover how they can propel your customer service to new heights.

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