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Innovations and Technologies

At iKanbi, we are committed to transforming every interaction into a unique experience. Our pursuit of excellence in customer relationship management drives us to constantly explore new technological advancements and skillfully integrate them into our overall approach. At the heart of our strategy lies a combination of human expertise and technology.

iKanbi Technologies : Innovation in Customer Relationship

Our commitment to innovation would not be complete without iKanbi Technologies, our IT subsidiary dedicated to exploring, developing, and implementing the latest technological advances in support of our Advisors and Clients.

The mission of iKanbi Technologies is clear: support our customer advisors by providing them with cutting-edge technological tools and offer our clients tailor-made solutions to enhance their customer service. This mission encompasses three areas of expertise:


  • Ensure that the technologies used in customer service operate optimally, allowing users to make the most of them;
  • Maintain high-quality customer service by ensuring that technological tools meet the needs of both customers and customer advisors.


  • Design, maintain, and evolve a robust and secure infrastructure;
  • Ensure the continuity of our clients’ operations.


  • Design and develop customized applications and solutions based on specific needs;
  • Create connections between platforms;
  • Optimize customer relationship operations.

A Palette of Technologies to Redefine the Customer Experience

We are convinced that technology should act as a catalyst for seamless communication, increased personalization, enhanced accessibility, and qualitative data collection. iKanbi Technologies plays a key role in our ability to provide technological solutions to meet the evolving needs of customer relationship management.

VOIP Telephony (iKonnect)

Our VoIP solution ensures clear and transparent voice communication, enhancing availability and accessibility for our clients.


Our intelligent voicebots interact with customers using voice for an enhanced vocal experience.

Multichannel Interaction Management Platform

Create consistent customer experiences across all communication channels, from voice to messaging.

IVR (Interactive Voice Response)

Optimize the management of incoming calls with intelligent routing based on scripts and customer data.

Data Center

Our infrastructure relies on state-of-the-art data centers, ensuring security, redundancy, and maximum availability of our services.

Technologies Text-to-Speech and Speech-to-Text

Improve vocal communication with more natural solutions for seamless interaction.

Power BI

Generate custom reports for informed decision-making, using real-time data.

Intelligent Interaction Routing

Direct interactions to appropriate destinations for maximum efficiency.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Our augmented customer advisors use AI to provide faster and more accurate responses to customer needs.

Prospecting Platform (iKalling)

Identify new sales opportunities and optimize prospecting with tailored solutions.

Chats and Chatbots

Enhance customer communication with live chat options and intelligent chatbots.

Multichannel Satisfaction and NPS Surveys

Obtain valuable customer feedback across various channels for comprehensive insights.

The Art of Augmented Customer Relationship

At iKanbi, technology is not a substitute for human interaction; it complements it. That’s why our approach combines the human expertise of our customer advisors with the most advanced technological tools. We understand that customer relations go beyond a simple exchange; it’s an experience that shapes the perception of your business.

Whether you aim to optimize the efficiency of your operations, personalize customer interactions, gather meaningful data, or innovate in your industry, our technologies are designed to help you achieve these objectives. At iKanbi, we shape the future of customer service through our technological and human expertise.

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