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“ Creating links and a 360° approach for a customised and unique experience to guarantee customer satisfaction ”


The significant competition between operators in the energy sector requires brands to focus on providing excellent customer service. How can you guide a consumer? How can you find reliable and relevant information? How can you guarantee a quality service? iKanbi can help you to address these challenges.

Our approach

iKanbi stands out with its focus on a customised and unique experience to guarantee customer satisfaction. iKanbi provides support with tasks including:



Balance adjustments

House moves


Back Office tasks (enabling reduced tariffs, debt collection, etc.)

whatever the channel and for both BtoB and BtoC customers.

Our assistance tasks, including making appointments for boiler maintenance, installing solar panels or electrical charging points and requests for quotes for insulation or fuels, complete the range of services we provide. Our 360° approach gives our customer advisers a comprehensive view of each file, which prevents the transfer and redundancy of information for your customers.

Our employees 

Our customer advisers have positive communication skills, are customer-centric and are focused on finding solutions. When hiring candidates, we pay particular attention to their spelling and writing skills. They are trained in the different services provided and gradually acquire the necessary skills. Their involvement demonstrates their commitment to our projects and, by extension, to your brand.

Do you want to join our team and work on ambitious projects ?


Our solutions 

We provide different technological solutions, tailored to your environment. One of our approaches involves providing a solution for the smart routing of interactions, depending on the medium used (calls, email, chat, etc.).

We use your tools to identify and monitor your end customers’ requests (CRM). Another approach involves synchronising the routing environments of beneficiary and service provider interactions. The interconnection and virtualisation of the two platforms guarantee optimisation for both internal and external teams and ensure a quality customer experience.

Our AI applications (chatbots, voicebots) enable you to adapt and customise the way your customers interact with your brand. Semantic analysis is combined with an automated assessment of advisers’ knowledge and attitudes, based on predefined criteria. They identify the processes to be streamlined, create opportunities to reduce costs and focus on the Voice of the Customer. They therefore contribute to a constant improvement in quality and the customer experience.

The advantages for you:

Our advisers reassure your customers to ensure their long-term loyalty and strengthen their trust in you. Your customers have peace of mind and feel confident.

With our flexible approach, we can adapt to your requirements and to variations in volume during more intense periods. This scalability of staff makes it possible to optimise costs while maintaining maximum customer service quality.

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