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Who are we?

“We put all our energy into connecting with your customers so that every interaction is a unique experience.”

We firmly believe that a satisfied customer is your best ambassador.

iKanbi is a Contact Center specialized in advising, developing and managing the remote customer services of any brand.

Creative operational, technological and digital solutions are developed to offer you a customised and people-oriented customer service. This is why we are much more than a traditional Call center.

We put your customers at the heart of everything we do, we anticipate their needs and give them constant access to your world, your products and your services.

We consider your brand in all its complexity, whatever the channel and the moment of interaction, to ensure your customers’ satisfaction.

We revolutionise the world of customer relations with:

Multi-lingual services

Our strategically located sites

More than a thousand specialist advisers

24-hour accessibility, 7 days a week

Come and see us in Loncin (next to the E40 and E42 motorways, 15 minutes from Liège and 10 minutes from Tongres) or in Berchem (near the station)

Visit us in Maastricht, a strategic location near the borders

Visit us in Casablanca, just a few minutes from airports and major roads en in the heart of the city of Tangier

Let us welcome you to Tirana, a dynamic and rapidly developing capital city

Our Story

In 1991, Daniel Coene, iKanbi’s CEO, founded his first call centre. He was passionate about this field and constantly looking for new solutions and under his leadership, the company developed expertise in customer relations. Today, with several sites…

iKanbi, a desirable employer

Customer relations training, technology training, product training, e-learning training, personalised coaching: our trainers and business experts provide our new employees with all the essential skills they need to become genuine experts in customer relations….

Our social responsibility

iKanbi human values: we define them as responsibility, kindness and respect. Respect is reflected in the development of our policy for diversity and inclusion. For iKanbi, this isn’t merely…

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