Outsourcing your customer service to a contact centre

Outsourcing your customer service to a contact centre

Outsourcing your customer service to a contact centre 1920 1536 Emilie Coene

Whatever your company’s size, sector or customer service maturity, managing interactions with your customers and prospective customers can often be difficult, costly and time-consuming. That’s why many companies outsource the management of their customer service to a call centre, benefiting from a range of advantages as a result.

Solutions to meet your needs

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Boasting significant experience, a call centre can offer you  bespoke solutions in line with your customer service maturity level, from providing support and advice when it comes to implementing or optimising your processes to the partial or total outsourcing of your company’s customer service.

Improving your customer experience

Call centres specialise in fast, efficient and multi-channel management of customer interactions in a wide range of sectors. Consequently, they have significant expertise and experience and can provide efficient and high-quality customer service.

Customer Advisors are specialists who are trained in handling different types of requests, helping to resolve customers’ issues and providing a high-quality customer experience. By outsourcing its customer service, a company can benefit from the expertise and skills of these Customer Advisors, which will lead to high levels of customer satisfaction and loyalty and an improved customer experience.

Availability and flexibility

Many contact centres can provide services outside your opening hours. Some even offer services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for a continuous customer service experience. This is particularly important for companies with customers in different time zones or who need support outside traditional working hours.

In addition, call centres can provide a flexible service by adapting to demand in terms of interaction volumes and workflows. This flexibility ensures that your customers are served quickly and efficiently, even during periods of increased activity or seasonal changes.

Cost optimisation

Outsourcing your customer service certainly helps to reduce the costs of in-house management. After all, you won’t need to invest in the recruitment, training, technology and infrastructure required to provide in-house customer service.

In addition to reducing your costs, a contact centre can help you to implement processes to obtain a better return on your investment: boosting customer loyalty, generating additional income, reducing churn, increasing the average basket, etc.

Multi-channel access

By opting for a multi-channel approach, a company can respond to its customers’ preferences and communication needs and provide a more customised, flexible and convenient customer experience. Of course, the chosen channels must be appropriate and be made available at the right time during the customer journey.

Inevitably, this multi-channel approach leads to greater complexity in customer service management. A contact centre can provide centralised management for all communication channels, including telephone, email, chat, social media and instant messaging. This means that an interaction which begins on one channel can be easily transferred to another channel, if necessary, while safeguarding the conversation’s history and continuity.

Going back to basics to focus on your core business

Outsourcing your customer service to a call centre allows you to focus more on your core business. You can devote more time and resources to developing your products and/or services, sales strategy, innovation, etc.

In short, any public or private company or organisation of any size can work with a contact centre to provide high-quality multi-channel customer service, manage customer interactions effectively and improve the customer experience. Choosing to outsource your customer service means benefiting from specialist customer relations expertise and resources while being able to focus on the essentials: your company’s core business.

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