An iKanbi internal application, developed by and for iKanbi employees!

An iKanbi internal application, developed by and for iKanbi employees!

An iKanbi internal application, developed by and for iKanbi employees! 600 371 FAN

This week, iKanbi launched its own request, incident and support service management platform. 

This internal ticketing application is designed to manage and track the requests sent by iKanbi’s staff to the company’s HR, IT, Facilities and BI (Management) departments.

You may well be wondering why we developed our own application. Isn’t there a plethora of existing and easy-to-use software on the market?

iKanbi decided to develop its own application for several reasons.

Firstly, we needed a tool to centralise requests, instead of using the various internal communication channels (email, chat, telephone, etc.)

Centralising requests via a single channel


Secondly, we wanted to simplify the process by providing preliminary analysis of the types of requests and making it possible to manage these requests. This simplification has included structuring the HR, IT, Facilities and BI interfaces and integrating predefined and undefined fields in the forms. This makes it easier to allocate requests and manage their monitoring in the background.

Lastly, we wanted to give iKanbi’s employees more autonomy when creating and tracking their requests. Most of the created tickets don’t require managerial approval; they can therefore be managed personally by iKanbi’s employees.

After an in-depth market study, it became clear that no software reflected the reality of the working lives of iKanbi’s staff. In addition to acquiring a licence per user, significant modifications and adaptations would have been required to reflect this reality; this would inevitably have led to major additional costs. Consequently, the decision to create an iKanbi product for iKanbi’s employees, based on their actual needs, seemed to be the obvious choice.

Working alongside a “multi-department” project team, the Web Development team took up the challenge. In-depth analysis of the various requests received by the HR, IT and Facilities departments made it possible to categorise and implement a system to manage and monitor the flow of requests.

This application is the result of several months of work and the synergies between the different teams and the Web Development team.

Needless to say, improving services both for external and internal customers is a key part of our culture at iKanbi. This tool has been designed as part of a continuous improvement process, thanks to the statistics it can collect. Whether they focus on the types of requests, the types of answers, the processing time, the recurrence of certain incidents or other information, these statistics objectify trends and provide insights. For example, the processing of some requests could be automated in the future. Similarly, a notification system on the home interface has been created: it provides a warning when an incident impacts several employees. This avoids redundancy in the reporting of this incident.

It’s a well designed application which is just waiting to be used!